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Introducing Faraday Cloud ☁️

March 27, 2024

Today we’re excited to release our Faraday Cloud offering. After several months of beta testing, we’re launching two new subscription plans – Standard and Pro – with access to bigger AI models, larger context sizes, and faster speeds.


What is Faraday Cloud?

Faraday Cloud is a paid service that gives you unlimited access to powerful AI models managed by our team. These models are available 24/7 with no queues or wait times. As always, we take security & data privacy extremely seriously. All chats are encrypted at rest and never logged or shared for any reason.

How to use Cloud Models

We’ve designed our Cloud offering to integrate seamlessly into Faraday on both Desktop and Web.

In the Desktop App, you can seamlessly switch between local models running on your computer, and remote models running in the cloud. It’s a convenient and affordable way to experiment with large, resource-intensive AI models without having to upgrade your Mac/PC.

Image of Faraday running on desktop

In our Web App (available on your desktop and mobile browser), Cloud models provide a convenient way to chat with your AI Characters from anywhere!

Image of Faraday running on web

Subscription Plans

Free Trial

We are temporarily giving every registered user 100 free messages per week to try out our Standard plan! If you don’t have a Faraday account yet, you can sign up at this link. No credit card required.

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan offers unlimited access to our most popular models for just $7 per month:

  • Unlimited messages for Mythomax 13B, Psyfighter v2 13B, and Toppy M 7B
  • Model context up to 4,096 tokens
  • Speeds of up to 30 tokens per second
  • Desktop & browser client access

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is our premium offering for power-users. At $35 per month, it grants you unlimited access to our biggest & best models at extended context sizes:

  • Unlimited messages for Midnight-Rose 70B, Psyonic-Cetacean 20B, and Mythomax-Kimiko 13B
  • Maximum context size of up to 10,240 tokens
  • Speeds of up to 50 tokens per second
  • Support for advanced parameters & grammars
  • Private support channel
  • Early access to experimental features + iOS/Android apps
$0 / month
Mythomax 13B
Psyfighter v2 13B
Toppy M 7B
100 messages per week
4,096 tokens of model memory
Desktop & Mobile Web
Get Started
$7 / month
Mythomax 13B
Psyfighter v2 13B
Toppy M 7B
Unlimited messages
4,096 tokens of model memory
Faster speeds up to 30 tokens/second
Desktop & Mobile Web
$35 / month
Midnight Rose 70B
Psyonic-Cetacean 20B
All Standard Models
Unlimited messages
From 6k to 10k tokens of model memory
Fastest speeds up to 50 tokens/second
Advanced model samplers & parameters (including grammars)
Private support channel
Early access to iOS & Android apps

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us on Discord, Reddit, or Twitter.

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