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Chat with AI Characters Offline.

Runs locally. Zero-configuration.
Supports Llama 2 & GPU Acceleration
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At least 8GB of RAM recommended.

MacOS - Apple Silicon (M1/M2)
MacOS - Intel (x86)
Watch the Two-Minute Demo

Zero Configuration

Start chatting right away with a one-click Desktop installer that "just works" out of the box (GPU & Metal acceleration included!). No coding knowledge needed.

Own Your Data

The AI models that power Faraday are stored 100% locally on your computer. No one can change the behavior of your Characters, revoke access, or remove your data.


Faraday is a desktop app that works offline. Enjoy it on the plane, train, or anywhere else where you don't have internet.


Chat data is saved to your computer and is never sent to a remote server. You can opt-in to share specific chats to help us improve models, but it is never required.

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